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Program Outline

Start learning AI and become an AI Consultant - Expert.
Internet is your campus, a computer is your office, an expert-developer and AI-assistant are your guides.

Web Applications with Java & Python

Fundamentals of Software and Knowledge Engineering for Enterprise

Big Data

Learn "Big Data" concepts and tools

Mobile Apps & Clouds

Integrated Mobile and Web Applications with AWS Cloud

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI components and Conversational Semantic Decision Support (CSDS) systems

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For a long time, Artificial Intelligence has lived on the bottom of a lake of opportunities. Today it is an ocean with the steady growing demand for a new workforce of navigators familiar with AI. Nothing else is growing so quickly with the demand for new skills and talents. Hundreds of startups are raising billions of dollars to employ AI in every area of business and consumer life. Can we quickly learn? Can we drastically improve our productivity in many fields by using this power?

The bottleneck is the current formula of education.

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A guide on Software and
Knowledge Engineering

Changing Formula of Education

Microservices & Software Semantic Evolution

IT of the Future with AI and Semantic Cloud Architecture

Farzana Laquana Marx

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Internet Technology University (ITU) focuses on Accelerated Knowledge Sharing with AI.
We patented and use while teaching Conversational Semantic Decision Support (AskCSDS) systems.
Improving learner-consultant-expert connections and helping sharing knowledge in a highly efficient manner.
- Knowledge-Driven Architecture | Driving applications with business scenarios

- Adaptive Mobile Robot System | Integrating software and knowledge engineering with robotic technologies

- Collaborative security and decision making | Turning a beautiful idea of collaborative decision into a system

- Rules Collector System and Method | Formalizing expert knowledge into rules in expert-computer brainstorming

- Distributed Active Knowledge and Process | Collaborative access and negotiation for data and services

- Development Factory | Patent Pending

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