For a long time, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has lived at the bottom of a lake of opportunities.
Today it is an ocean with the steady growing demand for a new workforce of navigators familiar with AI.
Can we quickly learn? Can we drastically improve our productivity in many fields by using this power?

The bottleneck is the current formula of education.

ITU is developing new ways to accelerate knowledge sharing.
We offer individual guidance and the robust path "Learner-Consultant-Expert"
to begin and advance a career.

Internet is your campus, a computer is your office, an expert-developer and AI-assistant are your guides.
Start free and continue by earning your consulting fee.
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Learners and Enterprise Users: be aware that the server maintenance time is from 7 pm to 8 pm MST (6-7pm PST; 9-10pm EST); most services will not be available at that time.
ITU Programs

A. Web Applications with Java & Python

Fundamentals of Software and Knowledge Engineering for Enterprise

B. (Requires: A) Big Data

Learn "Big Data" concepts and tools

C. Mobile Apps & Clouds

Integrated Mobile and Web Applications with AWS Cloud

D. Artificial Intelligence & Knowledge Engineering

Add intelligent components and Conversational Semantic Decision Support (CSDS) systems

E. Microservices and Semantic Integration

Building Enterprise Services from SOA to Microservices with the latest trends and tools

ITU Programs
Farzana Laquana Marx

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Join ITU: one of the Best Online Training Providers in Colorado and USA
Internet Technology University (ITU) focuses on Accelerated Knowledge Sharing with AI.
We patented and use while teaching Conversational Semantic Decision Support (AskCSDS) systems.
Improving learner-tutor-consultant-expert connections and helping sharing knowledge in a highly efficient manner.
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