Artificial Intelligence Development in Java

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From study to projects and to becoming a part of Artificial Intelligence Consulting group

It is interesting that some time ago treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin in his interview to Axis [1] said that "AI taking human jobs is 50-100 years away". AI means different things to different people. Mnuchin might think that moment about really intelligent robots, who can pass the Turing test as "a thinking machine".

We are not there yet and who knows when will be there. A more pragmatic approach is using AI components to optimize human-computer interaction and accelerate knowledge sharing and decision making processes. In reality, AI is taking human jobs today. Starting from car making to car driving and more to finance management. See the MoneyStuff article by Bloomberg [2].

Whenever a task is well understood and described, it can be outsourced. First to overseas, then to AI-supported technologies.

But, when a new technology closes one job, it opens new doors. Hundreds of startups are raising billions of dollars to employ AI in every area of business and consumer life. Nothing else is growing so quickly with the demand for new skills and talents.

Internet Technology University (ITU) participates in this development with patents, publications and consulting work [3-8]. ITU students start with online study, then participate in consulting projects and become professionals in this high-demand area. Welcome to check the feedback from the students. [9]

Fixing Education - Many people today are loosing faith in the current enourmously expensive Higher ED system [10]. Internet Technology University is changing formula of education [11] directly connecting students and jobs, helping Subject Matter Experts to share their unique knowledge which is in high demand today.

- The main instrument in developing AI applications is Java and here is why: References:



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