Some of Our Clients

Sun Microsystems (Oracle)
TV Guide
U.S. Department of Justice
Intel Design Center, Israel
Neiman Marcus
Hong Kong Consulting
GemPlus Corp., France & Canada
SZMA, Russia
Sallie Mae
City of Los Algeles, CA
Department of Education, Jefferson County, Colorado
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Internet Technology University (ITU) focuses on Accelerated Knowledge Sharing with AI.
We patented and use while teaching Conversational Semantic Decision Support (AskCSDS) systems.
Improving learner-consultant-expert connections and helping sharing knowledge in a highly efficient manner.
Technology that we offer and How this works: English | Spanish | Russian | French
- Knowledge-Driven Architecture | Driving applications with business scenarios
- Adaptive Mobile Robot System | Integrating software and knowledge engineering with robotic technologies
- Collaborative security and decision making | Turning a beautiful idea of collaborative decision into a system
- Rules Collector System and Method | Formalizing expert knowledge into rules in expert-computer brainstorming
- Distributed Active Knowledge and Process | Collaborative access and negotiation for data and services
- Development Factory | US Patent | Conversational AI Development, Manufacturing, and Marketing

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