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Current Topic: 8. Cybersecurity, Voice and SMS Technologies
Sub-Topics: 8.1. Cybersecurity Dictionary
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Cybersecurity is an art and science, which helps recognizing and preventing multiple forms of security threads, related to networking and computing.

Voice and SMS
Here are some common Voice/SMS projects.

Account Notifications - Send customers an SMS when account information changes.
Call Tracking - Give each campaign a unique phone number to track ROI.
Click-to-Call - Put a ?call now? button on your website.
IVR - Phone Menus - Give callers menu options, gather information, and route calls.
Masked Calling - Keep callers personal numbers private using Twilio virtual numbers.
Order Notifications - Send SMS from your existing Order Management System.
SMS Surveys - Gather feedback and embed responses in your customer database.
Web/CRM Dialer - Make calls from your existing CRM.
Web Chat - Add live chat to your website to give customers instant support

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