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Current Topic: 1.6. Java Introduction Project
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1.6. Java Introduction Project

The project goal is to use the skills you have learned in this chapter.

Project objectives: create a program that will find the biggest stock winner of the day based on this web page "view-source:", which was saved as "c:/its-resources/zacks.txt".

To accomplish this task your program will read this file and look for Top Movers with the percentage of change presented on this page with the name of the stock.

This is the extract from the page:

class="modal_external appear-on-focus" href="/modals/quick-quote.php" rel="OROVY">OROVY Quick Quote



- The simplest way to locate such numbers is to find good patterns, for example, symbol of "%" or more complex pattern in the file.
- Split the text by this symbol. You will have an array of strings. Each string (except the first one) will end with the number of percentage change, something like 0.50.
- The program should extract this number, which comes after the last sequence nbsp;.
- The program should also pick up the name of the stock symbol, which is located in the same part before the number of change. Open the file to manually fine the pattern of beginning and end of the symbol and include the lines in the program to extract the symbol.
- Walking over each text part check if this change is the biggest change so far. Check our previous sources that looked for minimum and maximum numbers.
- Before comparing numbers use the Float.parseFloat(stringStockChange) to convert the percentage from a string to a number type.
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- In the end of the loop the program should keep the biggest percentage of change and the related symbol and should display these two pieces of information.

Recommended approach to development:

1. Have a plan written in the beginning as one-two paragraphs in the comments (currently it is only a goal there)

2. Look at the web page and do your analysis before coding. Add details to the plan based on this analysis.

3. Almost each line of your detailed plan must be provided before the code that implements this line

4. Debug and check if data comes as expected

5. Get back to point 2, correct the plan based on the debugging and continue the spiral development

To be delivered:

1. Create MS Word document similar to Information Tracking System Business Requirements you study in the section 1.3. SDLC.
2. Name this document Text Parsing Mini-Project1 Business Requirements and follow the example while creating this document.
3. Then Upload your MS Word document.
4. Create in Eclipse a new project TextParsingMiniProject1 and under the Java Resources ? src ? create a new package textProject1 and copy to the package and your Text Processing utilities, Stringer and Parser.
5. Create a new class WinnerFinder and use the hints above to accomplish the task. Make sure that every class and method you create with informative JavaDoc headers.
6. Run WinnerFinder which should display at the end of the loop the biggest percentage of change and the related stock symbol.
7. After these tasks are completed, create another Business Requirements document. This time you find another web page and describe a similar but different task that you can accomplish by analyzing the source of this web page, that you can store (View Source) as "c:/its-resources/MiniProject1.txt".
8. Develop another class to implement your Business Requirements.
9. Then email the Business Requirements document together with the source of the class to with the subject MiniProject1.

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