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Current Topic: Internet Technology Summit Program
Sub-Topics: 1. Java Introduction | 2. Java and Databases | 3. Threads and Network | 4. Web Apps Frameworks | 5. Mobile and Cloud Technology | 6. Big Data, NoSQL and Graph DB | 7. Enterprise, Knowledge Architecture, IoT, AI and ML | 8. Cybersecurity, Voice and SMS Technologies | 9. AI with Python
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Welcome to the Internet Technology Summit program at IT University!

Before starting the course make sure that you are familiar with the program - check at Internet Technology University and, read on Fixing Education and IT of the future.

The Internet Technology Summit Program focuses on a relatively new area, Integrated Software and Knowledge Engineering, a cross-section of Internet and Mobile Applications, Big Data and Business Intelligence.
These subjects are fun to learn and they are very attractive to many employers and start-ups.

The program starts with the foundation of software development, reviews the basics of artificial intelligence and knowledge engineering, and focuses on creating intelligent applications.

The next step in software evolution could likely offer a solution to many problems, even fixing education and corporation.
Information Technology field is quickly growing attracting more talents. Start this YouTube video to uncover its magic,
and, if intrigued, read more at ...

Do you want to move from theory to practice and become a magician? Then, learn with us!

The industry is looking hard for developers who not only understand core Java, but can integrate Web and Mobile applications, while dealing with Big Data and building Knowledge Architecture.

The course includes the following levels:

1. Java Introduction
2. Java and Databases
3. Threads and Networks
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4. Web application frameworks
5. Mobile applications
6. Big Data and Business Intelligence
7. Enterprise Knowledge Architecture and AI
8. CyberSecurity
9. Python

Our fundamental technology is Java. Here is why:

Big Data and Business Intelligence frameworks are done almost exclusively in Java
97% of Enterprise Desktops Run Java
89% of Desktops (or Computers) in the U.S. Run Java
#1 Choice for Developers and #1 Development Platform
3 Billion Mobile Phones Run Java
100% of Blu-ray Disc Players Ship with Java
5 Billion Java Cards in Use and 125 million TV devices run Java
5 of the Top 5 Original Equipment Manufacturers Ship Java Mini Edition

Over the course, we teach Software Engineering, architecture and development of Internet systems, including Mobile applications and Internet of Things.

Hot-market skills are re-enforced by variety of tightly integrated projects.

From time to time you might feel yourself as a foreigner in a new country. Similar to the study of foreign languages you will dive deep into new concepts and realities. Then, at some later moment, this foreign country will become your home.
Do not hesitate asking questions, you have all necessary contacts, but first do you homework, try to figure out things on your own. Your weekly sessions with the instructor is the best time to resolve puzzles and enlighten the places that look dark for you. The assignments help you to research and clearly express your thoughts, enhance fundamental skills of critical thinking and knowledge engineering, become one of the best developers so much needed by industry.

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Do you want to move from theory to practice and become a magician? Learn and work with us at Internet Technology University (ITU) -

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