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Meet the Step IT Up America class which is comprised of a group of 31 minority women from the Detroit area. This exciting group ranges in age from 20 to 55 years old.

Most of the group had very little to do with Information Technology and were seeking a change in careers for various reasons.
UST Global and Mentor-Global companies and the "Step It Up America" Program in Detroit provided the opportunity for the training.

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After 4 months of extensive Java training with the Instructor, Jeff Zhuk, Internet Technology School, the students were well on the way to becoming IT professionals. The very first web project was about the Information Tracking Services. It is J2EE-based modern Web Application to capture knowledge, ideas or suggestions, and track their implementation.

Project teams used Amazon Cloud and deployed the application at Amazon Web Services (AWS). Welcome to meet the team of IT Consultants!


2016-04-23_18:59 by Farzana Kosgi

Instructor , Jeff Zhuk , is the best instructor , I have seen. And not only best instructor , he is a very good mentor also. It was the best training on Java (Detroit -Step It Up America).

2016-08-30_19:52 by Deanna Craig

Jeff Zhuk is a truly an amazing educator and mentor. I entered into the Step IT Up America program and was truly blessed to have Jeff as my instructor. We learned as much as possible regarding software development enough to obtain actual jobs. Everything I learned from Jeff allows me to function as an Application Developer with a mainstream company!! He taught real world experiences and gave extensive hands-on training. I thank Jeff for all he has done and continued to do to help launch my successful career in software development. Thank you Jeff and Internet Technology School!!!

2016-10-30_07:24 by Satin Thompson

Jeff Zhuk is by far the best trainer ever! I've learned so much from him that I've landed my dream career field. Currently I work at Comerica Bank as a Software Developer. By me gaining knowledge from Jeff, I know EXACTLY what to expect as a programmer in the real world! Working with Jeff was amazing because the scenarios he gave was REAL LIFE scenarios. For example, requirements always change and the meetings are REAL. Good thing we used the scrum approach because my job is surrounding by that!

I really want to thank you Jeff for all the knowledge you gave to me! -Satin